Here are some testimonials from past photography workshop attendees:

“I attended Rolando’s first Maui workshop back in 2006 and in that one weekend I learned more about photography and lighting than in 10 years of shooting weddings. I have been to his two other Maui workshops since then and each time has been a blast. The makeup artists and assistants in his crew are first rate. The models are a lot of fun to work with and I always get awesome results from working with each of them.

With his many years of experience, Rolando is like an open book when it comes to photography knowledge. Literally any question you may have about lighting, exposure, composition, etc. he can answer for you. If you are unfamiliar with using your camera, he can help you. I’ve seen him sit down with an attendee and go over the settings on a one to one basis. He even shares his post production workflow from processing to posting on social media. Rolando really enjoys teaching and sharing his love of the craft of photography, and it shows.

I highly recommend his workshops to anyone that wants to improve their photography skills while photographing beautiful models in amazing locations.”

— Todd Mizomi

“I’ve attended 2 of your workshops, so far. One 4-5 days and 1-1 day. I found both to be very educational. You make yourself available to answer questions, but it is more than that. It’s being amongst other photographers with various levels of training, ranging from amateur to professional, who are together for common goals – practicing our skills, checking out each others’ work, learning from each other, talking with and getting to know the beautiful models, Dawn the makeup artist, and the people who assist with production, not to mention building a portfolio. You take us places we wouldn’t ordinarily go and provide the most beautiful places and people. The experience was wonderful and I can’t wait to go again.”

–Terri Roberts, Photographer

“Many years ago, I wanted to try some beauty and glamour photography. I bought a couple of Rolando’s books, studied them and applied what I had read.

When I saw he was having a workshop in my area, I jumped on that in a heartbeat. Best decision made! While learning from books has always been a great resource, attending his workshop was the icing on the cake which helped me to develop skills I had read even more so.

I always enjoy going to his workshops here in the Orlando area, and have even attended some in other locales also. Learning by doing is always the best way, and Rolando is always helpful with questions and suggestions from improving ones skills.

I always recommend to other photographers to take advantage of his many years in the business. It is a decision I have never regretted!”

–Mark Pernal, Photographer

“I have traveled with Rolando and, in recent years, Heather all over North and South America and the Caribbean. His exotic workshops are unique in that a photographer and an assistant (who may be another photographer) are assigned one model for half a day to develop and shoot as many concepts as they can. Rolando is there to help as much as needed to execute the shoot. When natural light is not enough, there is always enough equipment from simple reflectors to high-powered, portable strobes and modifiers that allow photographers to totally overpower the sun if needed.

The models, starting with Heather, are always professional and a joy to work with. Each photographer pays the models directly and receives a full commercial release for the images created. If you are tired of shootouts with a gang of photographers and limited releases, Rolando’s workshops are for you.”

— Dave Pruett, Photographer

“I attended the Moab workshop and plan to return next year. Rolando is truly an expert in the field of glamour photography, and he enthusiastically shares his passion and knowledge with others. He takes the time to answer any question asked of him and offers individualized attention. His models are professional, personable, and beautiful. Aside from being educational, the Moab workshop was a lot of fun, as everyone hangs out together, goes out to eat and shares stories and experiences.

To me, though, the most important and unique experience of his workshop was Rolando’s understanding of the relationship between model and photographer. As a psychologist and photographer, I found this aspect of his workshop to be invaluable and something I have never heard any other photographer address.

Not only did Rolando teach me how to get the most from my model and how to make her feel comfortable, the models also taught me how they pose and why (i.e. which angles were most flattering, how they were cognizant of the lighting, etc.). I don’t photograph professional models on a regular basis, but what I learned is how to make my typical subject look and feel beautiful.”

— Dr. Kelley Ahr

“It is hard to describe what I learned from the workshop I attended with Rolando. There was certainly talk of settings and camera gear, of how to look at light and read an environment, how to get the most from a model and establish a trusting working relationship with her, but there was something underneath all that which made the weekend invaluable.

In a word, people. Rolando takes in all comers, treats them like friends and the relationships I still carry with me today have proven more valuable than all the settings advise anyone could receive.

A Rolando workshop is not a spoon fed set your camera this way and take a picture, it is definitely an experience where you get out what you put in, and if you are willing to put all of you in, you will get out extraordinary images, knowledge great and small, and perhaps a lifetime of friendships with amazing people who love photography as much as you do.”

–Kevin Boller, Photographer

“I attended my first Rolando Gomez Photography Workshop five years ago. From the onset it became apparent that they were well organized and designed to afford the photographer optimal time with his models. His workshops are not the ordinary “shoot-outs”, what I call Charley Foxtrots, where a multitude of photographers shoot one model all at the same time.

That first workshop got me started on a personal portfolio that has only improved with time. Subsequently, I’ve attended countless workshops including Vegas, Moab and some of his “exotic” ones in the US Virgin Islands.

Rolando has a penchant for finding unique and picturesque locales, providing great professional models, and imparting photographic wisdom acquired through his 30+ year career. The man not only sees the light, but also feels it! For a great learning experience I highly recommend his workshops. Your portfolio will love you for it!”

–Jj Gallegos

I have had a camera around for many years, through years in law enforcement, military, construction, and other activities.   I have always realized a significant lack in photographic knowledge, but always new it was an effort/activity that I wanted in my life.  The best thing that ever happened to enhance whatever I did, or did not, have in my photographic endeavors was when I discovered Rolando Gomez and his photography workshops.

My initial workshop was a one day event, and that was not only an eye-opener, it was a mind opener.  Since then, I have been to several of his workshops, and intend on attending more when the opportunity presents.

Rolando brought to light, light….I walked out of that first workshop with a whole new appreciation for photography.  For the light, for Rolando’s ability to assist and teach, for his interest in what attendees were doing, and offering help and advice throughout the workshop.

Rolando has an innate ability to relate to participants that make each feel valuable, as well as common sense value that we all benefit from. I would be remiss not to mention the aspect of working with accomplished and attractive models in the workshops.  But, that beauty, and recognition of it, transfers into many aspects of photography.

Thanks Rolando, I will owe you big time for all that you have helped me with in photography, and I look forward to more.”

— Herbert D. Hollingsworth, Photographer

“I was fortunate enough to attend Rolando s workshop in Ocala. What made it nice was that there were only 20 photographers for five models. We all had time to idividualy photograph with direction from Rolando. I still photograph by word of mouth and still use the skills I learned to produce work that my clients are pleased with. Whether it be private work, theatre or groups. I left his workshop with the confidence as a better photographer and continue to do so. Thanks Rolando!”

— Gary Oroian, Photographer

“A week in the Virgin Islands with beautiful models, spectacular locations, top auality equipment, and Rolando Gomez as my teacher and mentor. I learned more in a week than in months of seminars.”

— Tom Thompson, Photographer

“My wife and I attended one of Rolando’s workshops, and it was great. He’s very easy-going and fun to be around. The atmosphere he creates is very open and relaxed, and he shares secrets and techniques that took him a lifetime to learn. We’re proud to say that Rolando helped us become better photographers. And we still use the techniques that we learned from him. We are happy to recommend him to our friends and photographers of all skill levels. You will be glad you attended too.”

— Ron and Maria Kelly, Photographers

“I have attended 3 of your workshops and they have been life changing for me as a photographer. I sincerely want to thank you for what you do. The experiences that you shared with me help me to do better business as a photographer learning to craft how I present myself to my customers and corporate clients.

You always have world class models that are great to work with. When I came to you I was new in the world or glamour photography and you taught me how to respectfully work with models and clients while always keeping their feelings and perceptions in mind. This is something that is overlooked so much in our industry. I learned how to work with make-up artists. The instruction you gave me in photographic lighting has allowed me to take glamour and fine art photos that WOW people.

You free book photographic therapy was enlightening as to how glamour photographer can make or break the self-esteem of women and actually have a positive or negative effect on depression. Some of the best images in my portfolio have come from your workshops and I have shot in places I would have never shot in like the waterfalls in the mountains of Tennessee. I look forward the next workshop that I am able to attend. You are truly one of the best photographers and instructors out there. Thank you again!”

— Lyndon Johnson, Photographer

“I’ve attended several of Rolando’s workshops and I keep coming back time after time because I can count on learning something new each and every time; all the while, having a lot of fun.  And you’ll learn more than just the photography skills.  Rolando will teach you how to interact with the models or anyone else you are photographing to put them at ease and bring out that energy that makes a portrait pop.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Rolando’s team.  Rolando’s makeup artist, Stephanie, does an amazing job making the gorgeous models look flawless.  The models Rolando works with are beautiful, smart and a lot of fun.  They are all equally adept at taking full posing instructions from the experienced photographer as they are at helping the new photographer to feel comfortable and get the most amazing shots.”

— David Auman, Photographer

“I have been going to Rolando’s Workshops off and on for the last 10 years. I try to attend them whenever my schedule allows. I have been to the workshops in the Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, and the Atlanta Area among others. The most memorable one is the one that I attended a few years ago in the Virgin Islands, from which I have learned so much and able to acquire many nice images for my own portfolio used.

Even up till recently, I was still able to revisit the work from that workshop and be able to find images that I can use for different purposes. Another advantage of these workshops is the arrangement of getting full model releases at a reasonable cost, instead of some of those so call personal used only releases from other workshops. We can use the images we took at these workshops whenever and whatever is needed with no restrictions.

The staff at Rolando’s workshop is always so helpful and knowledgeable; the Models are beautiful and friendly as well. They always acted in a professional and courtesy manner. Many of them I am still friends with thru social media. I highly recommend these workshops to those who are starting to venture into the Glamour side of the photography, and those who are highly skilled but still want to improve their portfolios with beautiful subjects in adventurous locations.

I have taken images from many places in the world but still looking forward to joining Rolando in some of the places that I never would have been to otherwise. I have learned so much from his workshops and been able to put those to work in my personal images. And consider him a Tutor as well as a Friend sincerely.”

— King Mui, Photographer

“I have attended a lot of Rolando’s workshops – Moab, Virgin Islands x2, St Maarten, Nashville x2, Vegas x2, Orlando x2, and I believe it has helped my photography greatly. The locations are always good and the models are always top notch. There are always other photographers to collaborate with and you get exposed to lots of new ideas and techniques. They have all been a good experience for me.”

— Walt Weiss, Photographer