Welcome to the photography workshop and personal blog website of Rolando Gomez (complete biography here), photographer, author and philosoblogger. Originally formed as his photography blog, this site now will provide Rolando’s latest speaking, lecturing and teaching engagements along with some of his personal thoughts.

While this website will still maintain previous photo tips, tricks and ideas along with related photography blog posts, all future photography tips, diaries, tricks, and technique posts are now found on Lens Diaries™ (non-nude photoblog) and AmericanoDream.com. Rolando will continue to make speaking, lecturing, workshops and special events announcements on this website along with personal thoughts–so check back often!

Also, for the latest information, don’t forget to follow Rolando on Twitter, www.twitter.com/rolandogomez and on his personal facebook, www.facebook.com/rgomezphoto plus on his Instagram www.instagram/rolandogomez