xThank You!

Welcome to our “Thank You” page! I often sign-up for things on the web, some I even pay for, but when I’m done, I’m not taken to any page on the web to thank me for my efforts–so to prevent you from experiencing the same thing, we’ve set-up this thank you page for our workshops, email list, discounts, photo e-books, etc.

You’re here because you purchased or signed-up for something–otherwise you just browsed on in. If you signed up for a workshop, as we get closer to the date, you will receive more information. If you signed up for our mailing list, rest assured, we do not spam and we’re happy that you’d like to be kept up-to-date on Rolando’s happenings before announced to the public.

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We also encourage you to visit: RolandoGomez.com

Thanks, Rolando