Initial Enrollment Now Open!

The initial enrollment period is now open. Once the first 24 members are enrolled, the enrollment period will close for at least one year. Total cost to maintain membership is $100 per year. Use the secure PayPal button to enroll for the year 2020.

Requirements to Enroll:

You must be over 18-years of age and have attended at least five, one-day Rolando Gómez workshops in any city in the U.S., and attended at least one exotic three-day workshop in any country. Enrollment opens to male and female photographers that meet the latter qualifications. Please do not pay for enrollment if you do not qualify. 

What is the purpose of Lens Diaries Co-op?

The purpose of the Lens Diaries Co-op is for photographers and models that became friends at the Rolando Gomez Photography Workshops/Events/Adventures over the years can continue to work together as Rolando focuses more on his writing and less on photography events. The eventual goal of the co-op is for the workshops to come to halt and to create conducive conditions to continue the creation of great photos amongst a circle of trusted friends. Ultimately, it’s to give loyalty back to regular customers who have participated and contributed to Rolando’s previous events over the years, hence, it’s only offered to previous customers/clients with a history of being part of Rolando’s inner circle.

What is the Lens Diaries Co-op?

The Lens Diaries (LD) Co-op is a private co-op composed of photographers that met at the Rolando Gomez Photography workshops/adventures over the past two decades. All members are approved unanimously by existing LD Co-op members.

The Lens Diaries (LD) Co-op meets at least two times per year in Las Vegas at a designated hotel/casino and photographs fashion and glamour models over a two-day period. Dates and event locations are announced only to the members. Models are preselected by the founding members from a pool of models. At the end of each event day, models are compensated by each member a minimum model release fee, so the photographer can use their images publicly and commercially.

There is no fee to attend each event day, however, all attendees must pitch in equally for model’s meals and incidental expenses. The events are always on a weekend, a Saturday and Sunday, and the model release fee is $60 on Saturday and $100 on Sunday. There is a minimum of four models at each event and the events are conducted like previous events/workshops/adventures that members have attended that qualified them to become a member of the co-op.

All lighting gear is provided for use by each LD Co-op member and the events are conducted similar to all previous Las Vegas workshops. Photographers are required to bring their own camera gear and may bring their own lighting too, but not required. Photographers members are responsible for all their travel, meals, incidentals, and logistic expenses.

There is a maximum of 12 photographer members allowed per event and slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Founding members are exempt from the 12-photographer limit. Once all events are filled with the maximum allowable photographers, an additional weekend event date will be added to allow those that were not able to attend the initial two events. This provides the ability for all members to attend at least one event per year. All events are conducted professionally and every photographer that attends must be respect the models and other members.

How do I join the Lens Diaries Co-op?

The Lens Diaries (LD) Co-op is a members’ only co-op and new member applications must be approved by all existing members — unanimously. There are no exceptions. You must also meet the minimum requirements: Must be 18-years old or older. Have attended at least five one-day workshops and one exotic workshop/adventure from the Rolando Gomez Photography workshops/adventures in the past 10 years. You must pay annual fee in advance, which is refundable if you are not accepted into the co-op. Memberships are open to male and female photographers — this is not a “boys” club.

How are Lens Diaries Co-op event dates selected?

Event dates are selected in advance and will be announced to only existing members. The dates are selected at least 60-days if not 90-days in advance to allow for planning and logistics.

Who sets the rules and guidelines for each Lens Diaries Co-op event and the co-op itself?

The rules and guidelines for all events and the co-op itself are determined and set by the founding members. All rules subject to change with the idea the changes are only for the good of the entire co-op, it’s members and models.

How are the model selected for the Lens Diaries Co-op?

Models are selected by the founding members. Members can recommend models to an event and it’s up to the founding members to approve such models.

Do Lens Diaries Co-op members pay to attend events?

There is no registration or workshop/event/adventure fees required for members to participate at any event in Las Vegas or any location including exotic locations like Maui, Moab, etc. However, all photographers attending any exotic location must pay their share of the costs associated with an exotic location. Event locations determine actual costs which are carefully planned out to reduce costs for all members.

For example, if the co-op plans an exotic three-day event in Maui, and ten photographer members attend, then each photographer would be responsible for 10% of the costs associated with the travel, lodging, meals and incidentals of models to arrive at such location.

So, if the total model costs for four models for money totaled $4,000, then each photographer would pay the co-op $400 to cover such costs — there will be no mark-up added to any costs associated with bringing the models to the any events. The only profit is the profit to enjoy a great location and to capture great photos! This is a co-op gathering, not a money-making opportunity.

How are the model selected for the Lens Diaries Co-op?

Models are selected by the founding members. Members can recommend models to an event and it’s up to the founding members to approve such models.

Why is there an annual fee?

There is an annual fee to cover all administrative costs and incidental costs associated with the creation and execution of all Lens Diaries Co-op costs plus the webserver to host the domain.

What happens if the Lens Diaries Co-op dissolves?

The idea of the co-op is to be self-sufficient. Should the founding members decide to leave the co-op, the co-op would be offered to all the other members, so they may continue its existence. The idea of the co-op is that its members all know each other, there are no “newbies” in the co-op. Part of the concept is for members to network as well as nurture friendships within the co-op.

Can spouses/guests attend the Lens Diaries Co-op events?

Members may bring their spouses/guests to the event location, but spouses are not allowed at the actual shoots unless approved by the founding members. Only spouses or “significant-others” are allowed at any networking dinner/lunch. Members are required for all costs associated with their spouses/guests.

Are members required to stay at one event location for lodging?

Members are allowed to stay anywhere they prefer, they are only required at the event if they secure an event photographer slot for that event. However, as part of the idea of the co-op, the co-op will do it’s best to secure a “group rate” for rooms to help reduce member’s costs with lodging.

How many members will the Lens Diaries Co-op accept?

The Lens Diaries Co-op will limit its membership to a ratio of twelve members for each event per calendar year. Thus, if two events are held in one calendar year, the total membership cannot exceed 24 photographer members. If a third and/or fourth event is announced, it will first accommodate members who have not attended at least one prior event for that calendar year — before the event becomes open to other members.

For example, if photographer members 7, 15, 21, and 24 were not able to attend the first two announced events, they will have first right of refusal to attend events three and/or four for that calendar year. Each calendar year resets to allow everyone the opportunity to attend at least one event per year.

What is an “open enrollment” period?

Due to the size constraints for the Lens Diaries Co-op, enrollment periods are limited. Once the initial members have filled the first photographer slots, enrollment will close and not reopen until the following calendar year for an additional set of members based on added events. If no events are not added, no new enrollments will be allowed. This is a closed co-op not open to the general public.