Here are some of my favorite photography quotesmany have either heard at my photography workshops or read in my photography books.  Enjoy!

Photography quotes by Rolando Gomez

Light is the life blood of the image.

Trying to take the passion from a photographer is like trying to take a bone away from a hungry dog, you’re going to get bit, it’s going to hurt like hell and you’re going to wish you never tried.

When I take a “photograph,” it’s not just about the subject being captured in time, it’s about the intended audience with the interjection of my soul; when I take “pictures,” it’s just plain fun!

A perfect smile is when the corners of the eyes are in perfect harmony with the corners of the lips.

It’s the beauty inside of a person that not everyone can find, capture or cause to be revealed. Yet it’s only when someone displays her inner beauty that the best images will be captured.

A good photographer will see light ignored by others, while great photographers actually will feel the light.

The connection between glamour and fashion sometimes goes unnoticed.

Rapport is a necessary ingredient in the recipe of great model photography.

All models are subjects, but not all subjects are models.

A little psychology can be your biggest friend when it comes to glamour photography.

Allure doesn’t come from a lack of clothing, it comes from the face and eyes.

The general rule of posing, if it’s meant to be bent, bend it.

In posing, when the toes are pointed, the feet become visual extensions of the calf.

No matter what your subject is or isn’t wearing, without the face, you have nothing.

A simple turn of the subject’s waist slightly away from the camera can remove pounds of weight.

The pose you choose will affect the composition of the image.

It’s all about the choice of words and the tone of voice you choose.

The shoot is always about the subject, not the photographer.

Being a professional means having a real portfolio, not a three-ring binder.

to be continued and updated when the brain neurons are released….