Twittle Dee, Twittle Dum, if you’re not tweeting today, you’ll fall under the latter and probably on your knees—so stand up and tweet, you just might become a twitterati (twitter A-list twit, tweeple or twitter) .

© 2002 Rolando Gomez

© 2002 Rolando Gomez

If you’re not twittering, you’re probably missing out on up-to-the-second headlines and some interesting micro-blogs from some famous tweeples. Heck, even the world’s journalists have a central depository for their real-time tweets, the Muck Rack.

Event, which sometimes acts like the power company in a third-world country with frequent outages, is realizing they have exploded beyond their original expectations and now needs to start making money—everyone else is using them to make money, from barefoot executives to

Here are some helpful Tweet info:

DM or DT means you’re tweeting directly with someone and it doesn’t appear in your public twitter stream.

Twitter stream is your all your tweets when you view your profile and the when you go to the “home” button while logged in, it’s the stream of tweets from the tweeples you’re following.

Tweeples, well they are the extraordinary and ordinary people that use twitter—just register for an account and you now belong to the multi-millions already counted in the tweeple world.

RT, or re-tweet means just that, you liked someone’s tweet so you decided to send it out to people in your “following” collection of tweeples. Think of this as forwarding an email to people in your email list.

Tweet-ups are like our photo meet-ups at Basically tweet-ups are people that met or meet on Twitter that agree to meet-up at an agreed location, then drink up! Well, the drink up is optional, but I’m sure it happens.

You’re either a follower, are being followed, or both, though I’ve never figured out how to people following each other don’t collide. That’s the beauty of Twitter, you can follow a tweep but they are not required to follow you back. The downside, there is twiddle dum spam out there, but Twitter lets you block people. Spam seems to just be everywhere, even when you pump gas they’ve got those annoying talking pumps where the mute button never works. My favorite gas stations don’t have talking mechanical idiots.

Now favorites is something else on Twitter, it’s a mechanism where you can “bookmark” your favorite tweets. Think of it as the old push-button radio where you programmed in your favorite radio stations, except you get the same message. I recommend you use this more for book marking your favorite tweeples if you follow many twitters like I do. And if you like to group your tweets so they’re easier to find, by everyone, use the “hashtag” technique by adding the pound symbol # (think iPhone), before (pre-text, i.e., #photographer) your word in your tweet. Don’t overdo this, it can cause your account to be suspended.

Obviously there is a ton more, a ton of money to be made, heck, there are a ton of books on Twitter and how to make money on Twitter, just do a search on (don’t forget to add one of my books in your shopping cart while you’re there, I have five kids to feed). Just remember, a tweet is a micro-blog composed of not more than 140 alphanumeric characters. There is so much, so just Google anything with Twitter and you’d be surprised what you’ll find, from twitteradders to twiddle dees and I’m sure even twitter dums. Thanks, rg sends!