I’ve often talked about therapeutic photography, or photographic therapy, the power of photography to help build or rebuild self-esteem, but here recently, I’ve also noticed another power, the social networking power.

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While that topic can encompass many areas, especially with Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and other powerful social network communities, one thing they have in common, is the ability to “tag” (comment) each member in your friends network. It’s not only addictive, but those members with marketing savvy use these peripheral options along with their blogs, bulletins, announcement, photos, tagging of photos, pets, walls, groups, etc. and more as great marketing tools within the network.

This marketing of oneself is not only the selling of one’s products and talents, but of themselves and often for their own ego and self-esteem. Often a popularity contest, I have more friends, comments and tags than you! In the Myspace “pets” application, the goal isn’t to be the owner of pets, but to increase your net worth, though this is often perceived as a popularity contest more than disposable income. Many members of these sites are not only concerned about how many friends they have, but if they are on, and in what order, their friends, “Top Friends” lists.

I’ve seen many models and photographers mad at each other because they take the ranking order of the top friends feature so personal, they actually believe the ranking judges their friendship relationship and their talent amongst their friends. Personally, I rank people in my top friends list on many variables, including loyalty, friendship, length of friendship, ethics, personality traits, integrity, reliability, etc., and rarely on their actual talent. Recently, I’ve removed my top friends lists from one model and photographer website, due to rumors, as some people even group members of your top friends with personal relationships and it’s often misconstrued.

Well that’s my rant for the day, please remember to keep our military service members and their families in your prayers. God Bless, rg sends!