The Moab existing light, photographic experience continues as we discuss how observing models can sometimes lead to some great ideas or concepts in photography. In this particular image, the model, Jenni, decided to check her make-up while resting as I was off shooting model KT.

A photographer should always look around, sometimes you’ll even get ideas from an assistant toying around a photographic set or location, but in this case, what caught my eye was the reflected light on the model’s face. In fact, I even had KT hold the compact, make-up case mirror from a short distance out of camera view so it would reflect light back on Jenni. Ultimately the final image, shot in existing light with a Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera, was from what I originally observed, though I had the model standing instead of sitting on the ground.

The image was shot in existing light in the Moab, BLM Canyon Lands. Camera: Leica M8 Digital Rangefinder, Lens: Leica 21mm ASPH Elmarit, F/2.8, Aperture: F/11, Shutter-speed: 1/500th, White Balance: 6350K (Kelvin), ISO 160, Digital Media: Lexar SD 2GB Digital Film Card

For more on that shoot, visit the Existing Light in Moab page. Thanks, rg sends!