While I personally prefer listening to country music, most models today listen to various types of music, including the more hip music. While conducting my Virgin Islands workshops, we have the ability to plug-in an I-Pod, or in my case, my I-Phone, which has caused me to download songs from I-Tunes, more in tune with the younger model crowd

I often use music to get my creative juices flowing, whether writing articles or books, or when photographing models on location, especially in the Virgin Island, Glamour, Beauty and the Nude workshops. I tend to choose music that will relax the models and get them moving and with glamour photography, one song that seems to get the models, and even me, flowing, is the song by Fergie called Glamorous.

I’ve included the link to the song below for your listening. Try songs like these and other hip songs and you’ll be surprised how it will liven up the set on location with your model and if you have them, assistants too. It seems the right music will get the energy flowing, and when people are physically tired or fresh out of ideas, songs like Glamorous will seem to bring everything to life. So it’s appropriate for the current blog pick, Glamorous. Go ahead, give it a try, play it on your next shoot and see how everything will synergize and come to life.

Here’s the link, Glamorous by Fergie.

Enjoy! rg sends!