It’s been a while, as I’ve been on the road and handling some family issues with my ill parents and more. But I wanted to finally get something posted on my blog, so I decided to make it simple–photography and music do go along sometimes.

People often ask me what does it take to take a photograph instead of a picture? The answer is simple, passion! Without passion you have nothing. In fact, you can have passion without love, but you can’t have love without passion.

With that said, sometimes I get my inspiration for photography through music, as next to photography music is my next love. Back in my younger, and I mean quite a few years ago, I used to play around with the acoustic guitar and someday I hope to strum the strings again-.-feather-lights though, and if you’re a guitar player you’ll know what I mean by that as it’s all in the fingers.

I think music is important in a shoot, one to relax the model, two to get the photographer’s creative juices flowing. To give you an idea, here’s a song that always comes to my mind and can get you in the right state of mind creatively, especially when photographing blue eyes, “Must be Doing Something Right” (click to see music video on YouTube or see video below) by Billy Currington. Next time you photograph someone, try it, plug your I-Pod in and let the music play, just make sure and keep the volume sensible so you can hear your mind create, after all, music is part of the creative family. Thanks, and God bless our troops, their families and friends, rg sends!

Must Be Doin Somethin Right – Billy Currington