Still exhausted from the Virgin Islands with only about 350 emails to answer and I’m headed to Houston for this weekend’s one-day workshop, home for a few days, then off to the Chicago Workshop next weekend. (Yes, the DVD’s are on the way, see below.) While my life is exhausting at times, it can also be exhilarating as last week I received permission, personally from Red Bull Billionaire and founder, Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz to utilize his famous Hanger-7 in Salzburg, Austria for a photo shoot.

This is rare permission that came direct from Austria.

One of the last model events held at Hangar-7 was Germany’s Next Top Model hosted by Heidi Klum, so I consider it an honor and we’re going to do it! Hangar-7 houses a restaurant, two bars, a lounge and Mateschitz’s historic Flying Bulls aircraft and more. Made almost completely of glass, the ambience is perfect for photographing models. You can see more about Hangar-7 here:

While it’s generally open to the public, they do change the operating hours to accommodate private events and did I say I’m honored about this opportunity? We’re putting this together right now for early Sept., before Photokina, with some of my European sponsors.

It will be a long day today, another day without sleep and then a three-hour drive to Houston . I stayed up all night working on a proposal requested by an advertising firm for one of their top clients–can’t say much about it, but it involves a calendar, beautiful models photographed with products and the budget on this deal is amazing. The first meeting went well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they will take my advice and sign the contracts. I might add, the client is not small, they are publicly traded on the stock exchange and they want to move forward with this just like Pirelli did in the 1960’s. I was recommended by name, and get this, by another photographer they first approached. I’ll publicly thank him later as the project is close-hold until contracts are signed–then look out!

My third book is off to the printer for proofing, soon it hits the press then the book shelves. You can read more at this link and workshops too–go here!

On those patiently waiting for the DVD, my apologies on the delays—I will be in Chicago next making sure they go out the door personally. They are coming and I hope you enjoy it is much as I did. Thanks again for your patience. While in Chicago next week we also have a two-day workshop in St. Charles, so if you want in, sign-up now, some great models and a great workshop!

On another note, look for a complete revamping of this entire website from one of the top website producing companies in the world–more on that soon!

That’s it for now, have to run to the airport to pick-up a model then off to Houston! Thanks, rg sends!