Between travels, family and personal issues, I’m far behind and neglected this blog. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with it more. I also plan on revamping the website for an easier flow for the image galleries. Seems the move to a new server has caused issues with the gallery program. I haven’t been able to upload any new images and I also want it easier to navigate while showing you some technical data. I also want to start making it a habit to add an image on every post, so some reprogramming/html is required. Look for it soon!

Now, back to the ranch. The topic today is something I’ve covered somewhat before—friends. During these trying times these past few months I’m figuring out who my true friends are and finding out, the hard way, who isn’t. I’m not going to name them, learned a long time ago that’s a good way to make someone mad, usually because you honestly missed adding their name. I guess we all go through life figuring this out at one point or another, so I’ll focus on my true friends—and before I forget, thanks! You know who you are!

I think one my biggest milestones during these trying times is figuring out, thanks to one of those dear friends, how to focus my energy positively and how not to rob myself of precious energy. Just typing this blog provides for the rejuvenation and stress relief that I need to sustain my energy levels in a proactive and positive state.

Time to get back to work and focus positively on the future, I need to shoot (you know who you are), as that always provides positive energy and rejuvenation. Time to move forward, thanks to everyone that is truly my friend and for your advice, even when not solicited. God bless to our troops too! Thanks, rg sends!