I’ve neglected this site and other responsibilities for over a month while dealing with travels, workshops, moving, book deadlines, but more important, love, the love of close ones. 

My parents have been ill, my daughter’s house burned down in Atlanta and my best friend’s issues, all of them like a bad storm that never stops.  None of it easy, in fact, everyone including my mother are telling me I’ve lost weight, but when I look in the mirror I never saw it coming until this morning when I grabbed an old pair of jeans by mistake that fitted loosely—after examining the tag on the back thinking I grabbed a size too large, I noticed they were one waist-size-inch smaller than my normal jeans.  I guess I’ve lost weight due to mental and physical exhaustion.  No wonder my belt fastens a notch closer to the end.

Often I tell my older, private glamour clients that the extra weight they’ve gained over the years is the result of the “good life,” well what happens when you lose weight without trying?  I dunno when it comes to men, but for women, they seem to look at it as proper diet combined with exercise and welcome it like lottery winnings.  I’m looking at it as the result of life’s challenges.

Obviously there is a reason for everything and I pray that God blesses those that have affected my weight for betterment.  I pray positive results for them will follow including winning the lottery of the good life.  I pray for them.  They say after every storm is a rainbow and recently small rays of the sun seem to peer through the dark clouds, so hopefully this is a signal the rainbow is on it’s way.  My thoughts for the day, thanks, rg sends!