I’ve been running around lately, conducting photography workshops, shooting commercial, glamour, editorial, sports and other photography and even lecturing at photo centers and photo schools and even working with models and others professionals involved in my shoots and I’m finding out there is one common thread—some type of “I” technology. 

From I-Phones, I-Pods, I-Touch and everything else imaginable Apple Computers has put the “I” back in TEAM somehow—it’s there, you might not physically see it, but it’s there as the synergy of the Apple creatives must be keeping Steve Jobs real happy with all their creations.

One only wonders what else is next in store for us, the I-Car perhaps? I’m not real sure, but for those creatives in my field, the I-Phone, I-Pod and the I-Touch are fast becoming the new “portable portfolios” for many as it’s so easy to add images into these devices and even group the images into specific folders (genres) for viewing along with multimedia functionality.

I spent an entire week at FotoFusion often going to private dinners, lunches, and other functions watching famous photographers like Vincent Versace, Douglas Dubler and others sharing their work on their I-Folios as I like to call them—Dubler has his I-Touch and Versace his I-Phone and the presentations of their work on these smaller than printed portfolio screens were powerful.<
Think about it, as photographers when we “chimp” while shooting we’re looking at LCD screens smaller than most of the I-AppleamKingofTheMultimediaDevices so it only makes sense that portfolios have down-sized from Brewer-Cantelmo leather photography portfolios to hand-held digital devices protected in leather cases.

I’ve seen models, make-up artists, art directors and others in the visual fields carry their resume of images attached to their belt, biceps or purse as the new standard and if you’re not sporting this new look, well you’re out of fashion (style) as they say in this world and I’d suggest you get hot on this ditch your beeper. 

While I-Technology is hot, make sure you do research and make informed, educated purchasing decisions as technology changes every Monday when the Board of Directors meet. Thanks and God Bless, rg sends!