For those that haven’t heard, one my workshop models, including for my exotic Virgin Islands workshops, Amy Davis, has made it to the top 24 of this season’s American Idol television show on FOX.  We need your votes for this seventh season of American Idol to help Davis progress as contestants are whittled down to the final two.

Now the fun begins as I’m being contacted by media sources to provide them with my “sexy images of Amy Davis.”  While I’ve shot hundreds of images of Davis over the past few years, including sexy ones, I’ve never released but a handful of images and I can assure you,
they are all first-class images. Both Davis, and her sister Ashlee have modeled for me for sometime, in fact, Davis is in my second book, Rolando Gomez’s Glamour Photography Professional Techniques and Images, that recently came out in 2007.  She’s also in my upcoming book on posing to be released later this year.

This is not the first time a model from my workshops has gained famed, though short-lived and controversial, April Florio, who did two Philadelphia workshops was involved in a controversy with Brad Pitt,  right before Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split.  Both Pitt and Floria denied the story originally sparked by In Touch magazine.  But unlike Florio, Davis’s rags to Hollywood story is real and not controversial like Florio’s.  

Davis has a captivating voice and I still remember the first time we met during a private photography instruction to a wealthy couple.  Davis showed up with her guitar and as I taught my clients photography, I asked Davis if she could play Jimmy Buffet’s Brown-Eyed Girl.  Though initially shy about singing the song, she player her acoustic guitar and began to sing for us.  When we all heard her amazing voice accompanied by her guitar talents, we forgot about the photography instruction and became speechless. 

I told her that day in Michigan that she should capitalize on her photogenic beauty combined with her amazing voice.  I was emphatic on why there was no reason she should not be on a record label at that time.  We had a long conversation about why she hadn’t progressed in her signing career and in my conversations I can tell you, Davis has confidence and most important, faith.  

I was so impressed that I invited Davis to model for my Chicago and Virgin Islands workshop, and at all the workshops she’s done for me I always required her to bring her guitar and sing for everyone–which she politely always did, leaving everyone speechless in the process.

Davis is a conservative model who always gives 110-percent into all she does, modeling or singing. She’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet with a young, Kathy Ireland, photogenic look and appeal. Once while in the Virgin Islands we did our “all you can eat pizza on Friday night” at Pirate’s Ridge, a local eatery on Water-Island during their karaoke night.  We convinced Davis to go on the make-shift stage and when she did, between her beauty and her voice, while never looking at the karaoke monitor,  as she began to sing she left our group and the local crowd speechless–by the end of her first song everyone was ready to purpose to her.

The irony of it all, Pitt filmed parts of his newest movie last year, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, at Water-Island and the Honeymoon Beach area where we convinced Davis to sing during the July 2007 Virgin Islands workshop on our eat-at-the-beach, steak night dinner, provided by Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill.  Davis teamed up that night with other acoustic guitar player’s including Heidi’s brother to sing to all the locals and our group, again she became the star of the small island off St. Thomas that night.  Perhaps the folks at Water-Island can someday say not only did Brad Pitt stand on Honeymoon Beach, but so did Amy Davis who earned her fame on American Idol. 

Davis, along with her sexy beauty, brings passion to her modeling but even more to her first-love, singing.  You can watch as she closes her eyes while singing how passionate she is about her love for music. In fact, in the last Virgin Islands workshop she even brought a song-list and sang and played her guitar every night at dinner for our group of models and photographers. She’s always kept me abreast about her trials and tribulations including when she made it to the second round of NBC’S Nashville Star last year.

For those that know Davis personally, she’s sweet, wholesome, photogenic and very down-to-earth.  One of the most sweetest person’s you’ll ever meet that loves life and making people smile with her musical and voice talents.  She’s confident in her singing and hopefully her experience last year with the Nashville Star show will give her an edge with American Idol this year.

I wish her well and now it’s time to tune into FOX television as part of the American Idol show anchors on the television audience calling in and voting on their favorite singers, starting February 19th.  Please do your part in supporting Davis by watching the show then watching for the four-digit code that will be assigned to Davis–the girls voting starts on Wednesday–and only enter the word VOTE in your text message to the four-digit code!  You’ll have approximately two hours to place your vote that night, so please do your part and help Davis, she deserves it! 

I’ll do my best to keep you posted on her success in case you miss the American Idol show, as I have a busy travel schedule, but I can assure you, Davis has beauty but more important the musical voice and talent to play musical instruments that will leave you speechless and in awe.  She deserves to win on American Idol and move on further with her singing career.  God bless Davis, her family and friends, thanks, rg sends!