Things I’ve observed since March 1999 when I first launched (now which often amazes me.

First, as a warm-up, I often help people as I believe in spreading the gospel of photography. Second, perhaps I’ve been too nice and now it’s time to rethink my philosophies in life. Third, I’m not perfect, and I too have had my quirks and have made my mistakes, but what I’m learning more exponentially than ever before, is the true side of people.

So here are some “things,” that I’ve learned and observed—keep in mind, these statements are about other people, not me—as an example, in item #1, I don’t have that kind of money. These statements are not about people I consider my true friends, so if you are one of my true friends, don’t place yourself here, these statements are more for people I now know were pretenders of friendship for their own agendas.

1. Money can buy you enough photographic training, equipment, and open doors for you for publication, but money can’t buy you consistency in style—and when that money dries up, so do your friends.

2. Photography is one of those professions like lawyers, you fight ugly against each other but you’ll also shoot hoops and have a drink with one another.

3. Back-stabbing is rampant, especially with those you have helped. People often show their true colors in many forms, but act color-blind when confronted personally about what they said or did.

4. Hypocrites exist in photography too, just like all professions, most is ego based.

In conclusion, I remember Malcolm Forbes in an interview where he stated he didn’t feel successful until he could count one true friend for each finger on each hand—he claimed then he was still working on his first hand and that he was not successful until those hands would fill up, which they never did by his terms.

I know how he felt and today, thanks to folks like Ralph, Michael, Sherwin, Hillary, Holley, Paul, Jesse and a few others for showing their true friendship, I’m working on hand two and might have an edge on Forbes—wow, is that a good sign? (grin)

Well it’s time to get some sleep so I can observe and learn more, after all, I’m not color-blind and I’ll keep my eye out for true colors. Wishing everyone the best, rg sends!