Well I’m literally headed to the shower then the airport. Yes, those that know me often know what I do before a morning flight—not sleep the night before for many reasons.

One reason is to get as many emails that I can answered, seems I’m always behind. The other reason, I have this fear I will not wake-up in time for my flight, so by staying up, well I’m up! Yeah, I know, sounds silly right? Well it probably is, but one thing for certain, I have yet to miss a flight (grin), besides, I’m sure I’ll get some sleep in that lovely coach seat all the way to Europe—the biggest leg is 8-plus hours and I know my IPOD battery won’t last that long.

Seriously, call it my U.S. Army training, but sleep is something I can sacrifice for the sake of photography—just don’t ask me if I’ll give up booze, as I only do that on the all-nighters since I have to drive with no sleep already. I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably saying, “Man, you’re nuts and now you want to get on the road in your sleepless state.” My answer is simple, I’ll be driving more sane than most folks here where I live, besides, I’ve got insurance.

Yeah, no insurance can stop the inconvenience associated with any repairs—I know that first-hand, my wife, who had all the sleep in the world yesterday, woke-up to take the kids to their first-day in school and she forget that garage door was not completely opened—so $431 later, the door is now fixed. Well time to run, they’re not going to hold any planes for me today, besides, that flying-bed awaits me, thanks, rg sends!