Mentors, everyone should have one and I’m no different when it comes to my photography as mine is a living legend, author and photographer Robert Farber. Farber, originally discovered by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis when she brought Farber into Doubleday to publish his book “By The Sea,” has mentored me for sometime, both with and without his knowledge and is a true friend.

Farber often hates me to say this because it dates him, but when I was growing-up in photography, I would purchase his books and dream of shooting such thought-provoking images as he creates with his painterly style. Farber’s style is clean, yet powerful, his images don’t require any captions to convey the story.

Thanks to the “Great Equalizer,” the Internet, I became friends with Farber about eight years ago and more than ever our friendship has grown in the past few years. I can honestly say, some famous photographers have come and gone and many have promised me the world, only to show their true colors. Farber’s true colors are simple, he loves photography and is not afraid to share anything about his work or business side photography—he challenges you to go out and do it!

Almost seven years ago, while at the Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) show, I told Farber how the photo industry snickered at glamour photography—his answer was simple, go do magazine articles, teach workshops, speak at seminars and write books while attending every photo tradeshow—and then they won’t ignore you! He was right, even though I still have to work diligently to stay in the industry’s sites. More important, he taught me not to give up and to keep my head up high while aiming for taller goals.

In the end, whether it be eating at Sushi Roko in the Beverly Hills area near one of Robert’s houses or drinking a soda at a photo expo, Farber to this day always finds time to chat with me, something that shows his true colors. Most recently we’ve teamed up with Farber and have a special link for our folks, so if you haven’t heard, go here: The G1 Special Page on this place is loaded with mentors if you don’t have one already—let them know Glamour1 sent you! Wishing you the best, rg sends!