As usual I’m traveling like crazy. Came home from Chicago on Wednesday and have been playing catch-up ever since. Often it seems like life is nothing but playing catch-up, I guess this is what they mean about, “You work harder when self-employed.” I know, I’ve worked more hours than I ever have in my life, per week, now that I work for myself.

Tomorrow is Monday, pack-out day for the next Virgin Islands trip, our ninth workshop there. It’s going to be a spectacular one as we’re changing everything. The last three Virgin Islands trips some of the models and other hired help became too complacent. I’ve learned my lesson, rotate the talent, so we’ve got four new models going, our only two returning veterans are Playboy model Laura F., and she’s really been away while at school for a year, so she’s like a fresh new model, and of course this month’s Playboy Hot Housewife Kellie Maines.

Of the four new models, one is fairly new, but thanks to “Stereo” while filming my newest video in Chicago, I was able to work with her and right there on the spot I told her, “You’re going to the Virgin Islands.” The other new model I’ve been dying to work with for sometime, she comes highly-published from Toronto, Canada and after our workshop is on the way to the Playboy Mansion. The third new model I’ve worked with before down at our recent Atlanta workshop, she’ll add diversity with her Asian looks. Finally, our fourth new model is a hot jalapeño from Texas who I recently photographed for my own upcoming books.

We’ve replaced our former make-up artist with the talented Stephanie from Atlanta. She’s a hoot and a former military police sergeant and civilian police officer with the sweetest voice while carrying a big stick—she’ll be my second in command and her military training helps as she’s already coordinating the models and photographers, before our arrival. Many thanks to Paul Hu for introducing her to me! She was a big hit in Atlanta and all the models there loved her and personally requested her as one of the new MUA’s. We’ll also rotate MUA’s for our VI trips as Stephanie still has her full-time job in Atlanta and I can only use so much of her vacation time.

Well now we have today, I’m headed this morning to a private residence to do another private shoot. This one is the wife of a local surgeon and she’s pumped to get some great shots. Like all my private clients, we talked and meet before hand. I’m happy too that Wendy, our MUA from Austin, is the type that will help transform my client into a state of mind that will make my creativity easier. Sure to be a great shoot as they have a lovely residence and barely down the street. Well have to run, wishing everyone a great Sunday, rg sends!