I’m still here, just been traveling like a 747 jet aircraft, from location to location. I’m actually home in San Antonio, at least till Wednesday morning when I take off to Chicago so we can work on my new photography DVD, then Glamourcon.

Glamourcon is not new, it’s been around for sometime and it’s one of the only officially endorsed events by Playboy that features many Playmates and other models. There I’ll teach two seminar/lectures and then one seminar/workshop, hope to see you there. My feature models include April 2006 Playboy Playmate Holley Dorrough and Playboy Model Kellie Maines. I hope to see you there.

This past weekend we were in Houston, WOW, what a great time. A great group of photographers for our one-day workshop and a great host, Art, a prominent attorney in Houston, thus we had nothing but success. We made the weekend of it, as I drove the three hours-plus to get there, then off to dinner at La Grigilia with Playboy Playmate Holley Dorrough, Art, his brother Gerald, Mandy, Maria, Art’s Personal trainer and some other folks. We unfortunately had to take one uninvited guest and put him in his place when we referred to one of the girls in a negative manner.

All that aside, as it was more of a sideshow than an incident, from there we had a great workshop on Saturday followed by a “reservations only” dinner at Armando’s, a great Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston. Then we headed to “Vogue,” a trendy club in Houston where Mandy’s boyfriend popped the cork off bottles of the expensive and trendy Cristal champagne–they were celebrating their anniversary. While this is not my type of splurging, hey, it wasn’t my money (grin) and it was not a bad sip or two that I had of this flat-bottomed bottle of champagne.

The workshop was followed by a trip to the “shooting range,” so Holley and Devon could let their frustrations out with a .380 handgun before they went shopping for those “religious jeans.” Thank goodness it was not my pocketbook (grin).

Well we all made it back to San Antonio, as Devon lives up the road and Holley is flying up to Chicago with me on Wednesday. It’s not unusual for Holley to stay at my house, in fact in the Playboy issue that featured each Playmate for the Playmate of the Year contest, Holley refers to San Antonio as her home at the time, and she’s always treated here like family. We’ve been playing catch-up to get everything ready before our early morning departure, as once we arrive in Chicago we start working on the DVD nonstop until Glamourcon. It’s going to be a great DVD, featuring many models including Kellie and Holley, two veteran Playboy models I’ve had the pleasure of working with before.

Well it’s time for bed as we’ve just finished packing the last of the books for shipping tomorrow, and I thank everyone for their patience as we had many orders to fill. The biggest delay was to pin me down to sign them, but they’re signed. Thanks, and more soon, rg sends!