Wow, what an experience, Glamourcon in Chicago rocked! This is the only event sanctioned by Playboy of this type, so I was honored that Bob, the owner of Glamourcon, invited me to do my lectures and a workshop along with other greats, like Mystique Magazine’s Mark Daughn. It was great to finally meet Mark, funny, he lives less than hour up the road from me, but we both seem to be on the road more than home.

Speaking of home, I’m finally here, well for at least two days before I head of to Europe for some photography. But back to Glamourcon, afterall, Bob, Keith, Mark and all the others that worked so hard there, made me feel at home. A special thanks to Playboy Playmate Holley Dorrough for sharing a table with me and being one of my models along with Tess and Playboy Special Editions model Kellie Maines. They all three drew a bunch of attention at the show–especially Tess, as she’s a new model in the industry. We’re all looking forward in doing this again in Los Angeles in October.

Glamourcon was interesting this year. First, I arrived early with all the models to work on my upcoming DVD. During that shoot, right before the weekend, Chicago was pummeled with storms, thus causing us to work some long days and evenings, as when power would go out, no filming. When power would come on, we’d have to film in between thunder sounds and lightning strikes—those video folks don’t want any external sounds that can affect the quality of the DVD, so shooting days became long shooting days! All the models and the team survived though.

However, our return to the hotel from filming took almost three hours, which normally would take about 50-minutes to get there from the DVD shooting studio. Part of the problem was closed roads from tornado damage. Not to mention, once at the hotel, no power, which meant generator power for limited functions and no air conditioning. So it was hot and humid for about two days, including the first day of Glamourcon. We survived though, and on Sunday, our last day, we had the cold air conditioning again. The trip almost reminded me of the Virgin Islands, though there we have windows that open for air circulation.

Regardless, the Glamourcon trip was worth every penny. I made some great networking contacts and even had time to spend with the owner of One Model Place. We talked about future endeavors and modeling sites on the internet in general, great conversations and look forward to what the future holds.

Well I’ve got to go back to the 500 or so emails I still have to answer, then I have to pack my old Hensel gear for refurbishment and ship it, since my new gear is in. Then I have to do the grocery store run for the family while also packing out for Europe—oh, did I mention, I have about 24 hours to get all this done (grin). My life, it’s been hectic lately and I can’t wait for the payoff, it’s coming for me and all those that believe—thanks for your patience, rg sends!