What a day today, I’ve spent an hour unpacking my new Hensel lights from Germany in the hot, humid Texas weather, which is anticipating a change with all the tropical storms approaching us. My bones and muscles are still aching from the Virgin Islands trip. The kids screaming, “Daddy,” which makes your heart feel sick as I know I’ve barely seen them since I travel so much and I know I’ll barely see them the rest of the month. I swore, with my first divorce I’d never let this happen with my current kids, that Dad, would spend more time watching them grow up.

Barely home 24 hours, I spent three hours reading over 3,000 emails, as the connection in the VI was interrupted. Not to mention all the work I’m trying to catch-up on, including the latest book material. I swear, I work more hours than I’ve ever worked in my life since I’ve been self-employed. But I love being practically my own boss and I’m willing to take that sacrifice.

What is it with being the breadwinner, are we just destined to work long-hours and sometimes feel like we are going nowhere? Don’t get me wrong, long-hours have never bothered me, especially with my military training. Perhaps I’m just frustrated that I’m so close, yet so far and this process always seems to keep my kiddos at a distance, I love them so. It’s almost here they keep telling me, they being those like Doc Kahn and my other buddy and photographer Michael Dean who believe in me. You guys and a few more are the ones that keep me going. It’s all about passion, something we all share, something that keeps us all going. Ultimately it’s one word, faith!

Faith is my stronghold, though I don’t practice it like I should. Faith is what I follow in my journey to go after my long- and short-term goals, something I do have in my head but don’t always share. Faith is my pulse that keeps me going, thanks to the fans out there and the clients too. Faith is something that keeps the blood flowing and helps me stay sane.

Now sanity, that’s another topic, but sanity is my sanctuary, though many times I claim we’re all crazy at one point or another in our lives. In photography you have to be a little crazy to keep your sanity, now that statement in whole is in fact a sanctuary that keeps us all going. Though it never hurts to let the hair down and get a bit crazy—that’s called risk, and in life, to get ahead, you’re sanctuary is plan A, though have a plan B. that is the craziness that will work, also know as risk mixed with faith.

Oh well, time to hit the rack as philosophy is not my stronghold, but what is my weakness? That’s another blog topic left for another day. Wishing everyone the best, rg sends!