I arrived in Hamburg, Germany yesterday and am happy to be back in country I lived in for three years during my military service in the Army.  Though I lived in Mainz then Frankfurt, the German landscape is still refreshing and the people are sincere and friendly.  The food is great too!  The seven hour time zone difference hasn’t phased me either, normally it doesn’t till I get back home.

Tomorrow I travel to Berlin, then back to Hamburg then my schedule takes me to the Netherlands, Belgium then back to Germany.  The last time I was in Berlin was when the wall came down in 1989, still have a piece of it at home! 

About the biggest change I’ve seen so far is the currency, everything is Euros and not Deutch Marks.  The beir is still the same.  When I left Germany I stopped drinking beer as American beer doesn’t even compare.  Last night I had my first Weissen beir since the last time I was here–still great beer!  Next is to find me a shot of Asbauch Uralt, my favorite liqour here.  The brotchen bread breakfast was great this morning too!

Now for those that don’t know, I’m here on tour for Calumet Europe, here’s my schedule: http://www.calumetphoto.de/ctl?ac.ui.pn=eventLanding

Yes, it’s work, I’m not here on vacation, but it’s work I love, spreading the Gospel of Photography!  I hope to see some of my European friends while I’m here and I also plan on touring the Leica and Hensel factories too!  Hopefully I’ll have time to photograph a European model or two, as I’ve been contacted by a few and what a countryside to do photography–rich in old architecture and culture, thus a great backdrop for photographs.

 Well I have to get back to practice my presentation for tomorrow, so more will come as I get an Internet connection, thanks, rg sends, or as they say here in German, vielen Dank!