Wow, just got back from Chicago, literarily. What a wonderful workshop at Ralph Haseltine’s Studio—thanks Ralph, Jennifer (MUA), and the models, Amy, Mel, Meka, Jennifer, and Hillary. It was great to see old friends and make new ones! Another great workshop success that helped spill over into our new DVD—yes, the rumor is true, I stayed in Chicago as we worked on our new DVD due out later this year.

For those that remember, a few years ago I was convinced into making a DVD and while it was an experience and a DVD with great information, I was not totally happy with the production quality. I said never again back then based on promises never filled by the production company. The old DVD left a bad taste in my mouth while leaving dollars in the pockets of a production company that would later remove my first DVD from the shelf because of their own lack of working capital. From there I decided to move on until a few months ago when I met “Stero & Ken,” who convinced me in many ways that I needed to move forward and that the past is past.

Never say never began to play-out and those three words would live to their own truth–never is not an option. Add to that, I often reflect back at all the emails over the recent months of people requesting information on how to get copies of the old DVD (now out of print) so I decided to take a second look after being approached by new friends, S&K. I did the research, their backing is solid, their prior business patterns are just as solid and so it only made sense and I took the plunge.

So for the last four days we’ve been filming our new DVD collection, with more filming to commence next month after I return from the Virgin Islands workshop and I can’t wait to see how the new DVD series will unfold, but I can promise you, it will be at least 100-times or more better than the previous. Part of that statement comes from the heart as I’m very good about practicing what the military has taught me—after any action we have an after action review (AAR) and from there we not only review the action(s) in all manners, but we take our lessons learned so not to repeat our mistakes again. Thanks, rg sends!