My shoot on Tuesday went well. I drove up to Austin to work with Lauren, only to later learn that while I was gone San Antonio had received over 4-inches of rain. Wednesday we also had more inches of rain, it’s been practically non-stop for almost two months now. While that’s a bit of exaggeration, it’s been super rainy this year. One good thing though, my books just came in and we’re going to be getting them out the next couple of days, weather permitting.

I’ll be getting my gear ready later today as on Friday I have to take off to Chicago were I’ll be conducting a great, glamour photography workshop this weekend–five great models! We’ll have a new make-up artist too, can’t wait. I’ll get some shooting done as I arrive early on Friday, then I’m staying till mid-week as we start filming my newest DVD on glamour photography–finally getting back on track with a new video.

While I had done a DVD years ago, I wasn’t happy with the poor post-production and all the broken promises. I learned my lesson with the first one and this new production has crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s Great group of folks!

Back to the rain, well on Wednesday, while sitting at my desk and working post-production of images it just poured down rain. Didn’t see lighting or hear thunder, so I kept working on my computer. Then I felt a drop of water on my hand, looked up, and water was coming through the top area of sheetrock by the window. House is only two years old, but what I found out, it’s rained so much that the water had washed some mortar away from the stucco window band where it connects to the wall. So quickly we put some silicone until we can put more mortar mud back in there and fix. Water does take a total on things over time.

San Antonio has had already over 30-inches of rain than normal for the year, and they say more is coming. I,m just happy I caught it today as my computer was spared from the water with my quick actions. Well I’m going to get some sleep, then start hammering at it again and eventually take a break to pack my clothes and lighting gear for Chicago. Can’t wait to shoot again! Thanks, rg sends!