Well this weekend we have our 1-day special San Antonio workshop–right here in my home! We’ve got some great models, two new ones plus our rock-hard Devon and one of my favorite MUA’s from Austin, Wendy. Wendy helped me on my last private glamour shoot and she’s awesome! I’ve had the opportunity to work with awesome MUA’s and models over my career, too many to name.

One thing that I strive to do is provide fresh talent with all the repeat business I have, but it’s a balanceing act as you have to rotate people, otherwise people can become too complacent and then they think it’s their workshop. The downside, many folks can provide valuable experience, but in the end, we all have to start somewhere so using new talent should never be something any photographer should ever be afraid to do. I’ll see all of you, new talent included, this weekend at my house and I’m looking forward to start helping new talent get published too! Wishing you the best, rg sends!