Darn, I’ve been trying all morning to get out of the house to get a shoot done in Austin with one hot model. Now, as a “professional photographer” we have to be real careful when we use the word “hot” since we live in such a politically correct society–which really means we really live in a very hypocrite society.

Now many will wonder why I say that. First, just look at all the model portfolios on the net. I know many models will say they “don’t do nudes” to keep all the freaks and stalkers from contacting them, that will do nudes, that’s not a problem with me. What is the real problem when they advertise they don’t do nudes, along with “don’t ask, don’t even try, absolutely no nudes, etc.,” and then their photos in their public portfolios have nude images. Again, I know why not to advertise it in the text description, but do you really think stalkers and freaks who want to look at nekkid pictures of girls read the text?

Now that’s one example and it struck a chord with me yesterday when a model on one site, a model I might add that is talented and I’d surely like to work with and I mean no disrespect when I say this, but she posted a new image and avatar were she’s pulling her thong-bikini down where you can see, well let’s say, practically see, her other orfice not commonly photographed, at least not in glamour. Again, the gal I’m sure is nice, she’s certainly talented, and I’m sure it wasn’t done on purpose, and I might add she does have a cute callipygian or as some would say, tutu, but she also states in her text, “no nudes.” I might add, other than that photo, she has no nudes on her port and “that” photo doesn’t show any nudity anywhere else.

My other favorite hypocritical act I often see in this business is when models put down other models that do nudes, or even sexy non-nude images, but yet that same model who chastises the other models will pose the same way and sometimes in even less clothing. Basically that act is more ego but it still comes with a capital “H” for hypocrite. Why can’t we all just “cheer” for the team?

Well have to run, trying to beat the silly, flooding rains that have come and gone and come and go here in Central Texas for the past two months, the bright side, we have a smaller water bill this month. And for those that don’t want the rain, quit being a hypocrite, you always say you’d wished it rained when you get that water bill as anyone in the Texas Hill Country knows, sometimes water costs more than electricity, seriously!

Oh, and that hot model, she’s talented, funny, great personality, but she is in fact hot! No lies, I’m a man, I like to look at hot women too, but as a photographer, well she’s hot! Why be hypocritical and not say the truth? Ultimately I’m still photographing her because of her talents. rg sends!