Well I’m a bit behind, meant to write in this blog while in the VI, but got side tracked and I hope we’ll be able to do better on our next VI trip in August. While all workshops are fun, educational and awesome, especially when in the Virgin Islands, this trip I had to put out a few fires, sort to speak. Nothing major and we’ll leave it at that because that’s the professional thing to do.

We had some great photographers, models and assistants, they all did what they were supposed to do and then some! While we always strive to improve, when you combine seven models, seven photographers, and six assistants along with myself and the rest of the crew, how can you go wrong? We even had our own cook, Lisa, Playboy Playmate Holley Dorrough’s mom who joined us for the hot sun, sweat and the occassional mosquito bite. The pool was always refreshing, I think everyone but one person got in the pool the entire trip–yeah, I got in there myself.

We have more VI workshops coming up, though all for 2007 are sold-out so check out the 2008 line-up including the next seven on seven, or one model to one photographer workshop with assistants coming up in June 2008. We’ve also made Nov. 2008 the same way–can’t beat that! For all you returnees, we’re also changing up the talent, new models, rotating make-up artists, new assistants, cooks, etc., and we’ve even got new equipment for you to use.

I’ll post more soon once I get some images post-produced for you to enjoy, thanks, rg sends!