Back to the Ranch, A Great Success!

Back to the Ranch was a great success! With a support staff of almost 30 people composed of models, assistants, make-up artists, VIP instructors and myself, it was one of the largest events I’ve ever handled and we’re going to do it again. Many thanks to everyone that made it such a great event. An event like no other ever held before that will leave memories burned in people’s minds, in addition to great friendships and photographs.

It began around 2 a.m., Thursday morning, as I drove out to Canton, Texas in my packed Suburban. About 45-minutes down the road on Interstate 35 North, I made a decision that almost sent BTTR into a whirlwind of uncertainty as I opened the sunroof directly above me for some fresh air. First there was that rushing air sound, as I was driving at 70 mph, then a sucking vacuum cleaner sound like something had just flown out the roof.

That something was not planned. After a few seconds, still traveling at a high-rate of speed down the inside lane, I realized, it was the cashier’s check to pay for our lodging for the entire group of photographer attendees, my models, make-up artists, assistants and VIP’s. [Read more…]