Model 4Me

Ever wanted to get published? Well no photographer can guarantee or “promise” to get you published, but if you make the cut of posing for me, I can promise I’ll do my best to get you published. I’ve discovered both a Penthouse Pet (Jana Adams: Oct. 1986) and a Playboy Playmate (Holley Dorrough: April 2006), but I still can’t promise you I can do anything for you, other than give you my best if you do the same.

It’s about passion and commitment! If you’re not passionate about your modeling goals and you’re not committed with will power in this ever changing industry of beauty, glamour, editorial and fashion, then don’t waste your time or mine–however, if you feel you’ve got what it takes, then let’s at least talk!

First, I don’t normally do what is known around the Internet as “TFP or TFCD,” and if I do promise you some prints, that will be prints edited and post-produced from the actual shoot–not the actual shoot itself. Promising any model a CD-ROM of all the images is not practiced in the “real-world” of modeling–so don’t ask.

If you want to work with me, yes, you’ll get prints, probably a tearsheet first though, as I’m a super busy photographer. Ask yourself, how many of the photographers you’ve worked with have authored books on photography and are featured, entire chapters, in other author’s photography books? How many are published internationally (with more on the way), and write for magazines and newspapers, carry professional Press credentials (like the kind that get you floor shooting space at an NBA game), teach workshops, guest speak at national events and have worked as a photographer in almost 40 countries? Now you know why I don’t come from the TFP world of things–the trade-off, if you’re talented we can work together in getting you exposure and getting you published. I’ve had my models on my A-list make as much as $6,000 in 30-days, some more. Again, no promises, good things come in time.

Before you email me, remember, I will not even respond if you do not include your email address, your phone number, location (City, State, Country) and best time to call, your age, your stats (height, weight, hair color, etc.) and at least a link to one image somwhere on the web and/or include it in your email. The more the merrier. It’s all about professionalism, being on time, being committed to what you set your goals on when it comes to modeling.

Now, if you’ve read this far, that’s a great sign! Send me your contact info and/or friend request me at aleast one of the following, ModelOverDrive.com, MySpace, GarageGlamour.com and you can find more links on the right side menu bar onwww.rolandogomez.net.

Things to note when it comes to modeling for me, one, I shoot sexy, sultry, seductive, sensous images, though nudity is never a requirement except for the type of work featured on www.editorialnudes.com! Please let me know what types of modeling you’d like to do, in addition, please let me know your availability. Be specific, not vague. Never be afraid to contact me, I’m always looking for new talent and also please respect I’m super busy. My models not only make money, they go to places like Los Angeles, Maui, the Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, New York, Florida, etc., and I do feed my models, contrary to what they say.

I look forward in hearing from you, please contact me at rolando(put an @ symbol in here)rolandogomez.com and/or any of the websites mentioned in this post. Thanks, rg sends!