Photo Workshops

Photography Workshops—when a group of people work together in an interactive, creative, photography environment to study the art of photography while practicing the skills obtained.

Ok, sounds a little to dictionary, so in a nutshell, let’s explain the types of workshops I conduct and the expectations for all involved.  First, there are many photography workshops advertised out there, many undeserving of the use of the word “workshop.” Most workshops fall into two types, those that like to call themselves workshops and merely provide a group of models and photographers a location to gather and basically have a “shoot-out” with no photography instruction whatsoever.  Usually, the so-called instructor, is more of a host, especially since they rarely have any substantial photography credentials.

On location in the Virgin Islands

On location in the Virgin Islands

Then there are those with reputable, credentialed instructors that provide top-quality models and a make-up artist with great photographic lighting equipment for the attendees.  These type workshops are usually held in great locations conducive of the workshop intent.  My workshops fit this category—top models, top make-up artists, top equipment for use by the photographer and top locations throughout the world.  These photography workshops are well-organized and come complete with instruction, both hands-on and in lecture format.

I normally conduct several types of photography workshops, open to all levels of experience, from just beginning to advanced photographers, when I’m not lecturing or speaking at events like FotoFusion, Photo Plus Expo, Julia Dean Photo School, Palm Beach Photographic Center, etc.  These types fall into the following categories:

  • 1-day Glamour, Beauty & the Nude Photography Workshop
  • 2-day Glamour, Beauty & the Nude Photography Workshop
  • 3-day Glamour, Beauty & the Nude Photography Workshop
  • 1-day Editorial Nude Photography Workshop
  • *4-day Exotic Glamour, Beauty & the Nude Photography Workshop
  • *4-day Exotic Nude Photography Workshop
  • Special Event Photography Workshops

What can you expect at these workshops besides a well-credentialed instructor, sometimes VIP-guest instructors, top-models, top-make-up, top locations, top photographic gear for your use?  For starters, you’ll get some great images and you’ll get an experience of a lifetime.  You’ll get to network, make friends and learn from the best with the best.  A photography workshop conducted right,.

As an example, many so-called workshops do not pay their models, they promise them prints and never deliver.  These workshops also provide “promotional releases,” this is just blatantly work and highly unprofessional in the real world of photography.  You can read more about model releases here, but in a nutshell, how can a photography workshop host/promoter not pay their talent?  A real, professional photographer knows a model should be compensated.

On location in Cozumel

On location in Cozumel

In our workshops we handle that compensation by leaving our workshop prices low and giving you the opportunity to compensate the model directly, at the end of the workshop.  We also make this voluntary, but do highly encourage it.  This voluntary system makes the model work harder for you and not give you a model with a perception she’s only working for prints that may never show up. We do the same for our make-up artists, we give them an incentive to work harder for you by allowing you to tip them appropriately.

We’ve practiced this system for almost eleven years now and it has worked very well for everyone.  Our photography workshop attendees come back time after time—hence our high, customer loyalty return rate.

Our workshops will often provide you lunch and in the case of the more exotic workshops, provide most meals and drinks—non-alcoholic of course.

In a nutshell, people often come to our workshops because it’s less expensive than private instruction and the social friendly atmosphere provides for a great networking and confidence building environment—though we do offer private instruction on a regular basis and encourage everyone to try a photography workshop first, then move up the more, custom-tailored private, photography instruction.

Equipment Requirements

We ask that you bring as a minimum the following:

  • A 35mm film (SLR) or digital camera (DSLR).  Your camera must have a “hot-shoe” where you traditionally mount a flash, this hot-shoe is for our radio triggers.  Medium-format and larger cameras allowed, please bring any cable adapters for flash radio triggers.
  •  Lenses between the range of 35mm to 200mm and as a minimum, a lens of 70mm.  I personally prefer shooting glamour photography with an 85mm prime and a 70-200 zoom, bottom line—your lens should be at least mid-telephoto (85mm-105mm range).
  •  It’s highly recommend you have a back-up storage device for downloaded your images, especially with the more exotic workshops.  Portable harddrives and/or laptop computers will help you here.
  •  A great attitude!  Bring your passion for photography.

 Workshop Calendar—follow this link to the workshop and location calendar. Photography Workshops

Lectures in Europe for Calumet and California Sunbounce

Lecture in Europe for Calumet and California Sunbounce

*–Actual shooting days are four, please allow one day before and one day after for travel.  Normally your lodging allows for your arrival night and night before departure if lodging is included.  See each specific workshop for details.