Mississippi Glamour, Beauty and the Nude Photo Workshop

Date: Aug. 12, 2017 (Fashion, Glamour, Beauty & the Nude) Saturday Only!
Time: 9:30 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Location: Private Residence On Lake; Clarksdale, Mississippi
Prices: $299 (Limited to eight photographers only!)

I’ve got a great friend in the Mississippi Delta area of Clarksdale. That’s right, deep in the heart of the Blues! He’s offered to let me use his nice lake home, complete with boat and swimming pool, for a great location where we can capture some amazing photos of four gorgeous models.

It’s a beautiful rustic house on the lake, and this is our sixth workshop there. Ignore the fact he’s Morgan Freeman’s pilot and just realize he’s a great host and is giving us access to use his rustic house, boat, saltwater swimming pool (weather permitting), a Harley Davidson bike and his convertible BMW 650i as props too. Thus, this is a unique workshop, we’ll do a working lunch, then at the end of the workshop, we recommend you join us for a “networking” dinner at Morgan’s Ground Zero Blues Club.

Photography Workshop Model

Photo taken at the last Mississippi photography workshop on location.

This is a rare event and even though I’ve stayed and photographed at “Jimmy’s” house, this is the sixth time he’s letting us conduct a photo workshop there for one-day, a Saturday. Who knows who might drop by? I’ve been there nine times, flown in Morgan Freeman’s jet, and even met Morgan who lives nearby. No promises though, but you never know. This is one of the few cities were we offer our fashion, glamour, beauty and the nude photography workshops!

Either way, it’s going to be fun while you get to photograph beautiful models and increase your knowledge in photography. This is one of the few times, other than my exotic workshops in tropical islands, that you get an “outdoor” photography opportunity too, weather permitting! However, don’t delay, as we’re purposely keeping this event small when it comes to the amount of photographers that get to attend. It’s first-come, first-serve.

These workshops are open to photographers of all levels, beginners to advanced, though you must be 18-years or older to attend. We’ll have a small lecture then we shoot, shoot, shoot, four talented models with Rolando providing hands-on instruction. First-come, first serve! Limited in size! Once it sells out, it’s sold-out!

Here are the particulars:

1. You must pay for your own lodging and travel. We recommend that you book rooms at the Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel in Lula, it’s about eight miles from the location and closer than Clarksdale.

2. Bring your camera, preferably a DSLR (digital camera). It must have a hot shoe (where you flash slides on top) or as a minimum, a PC connection for our studio flash–we provide all equipment.

Rolando and Morgan Freeman

Meeting Morgan Freeman at his private jet in Mississippi.

3. You must have the passion to photograph up to four beautiful models. The type of photography is glamour, beauty and nude photography for most models. You will have almost a whole day to photograph them in all their beauty, from fashion to glamour nude.

Photography Workshop Model

Actual photo shot at the last Mississippi photography workshop.

4. While it’s intense, we’ll have fun in this educational experience. We’ll break for lunch, you provide the coffee if you need it, but surely bring some Red Bull for energy because this is an energized workshop.

5. Camera requirements are any type of camera, preferably 35mm DSLR or SLR, medium or large format is optional. Lens focal range, from 24mm to 200mm, though a typical 70-200mm lens is all you need. A back-up drive to download your images every evening and/or laptop computer is highly recommended. If you have a Sony (Minolta) camera, please ensure you have a hot shoe adapter or PC connection.

6. Professionalism is required, we’re there to capture beautiful images of beautiful models. If you have Pocket Wizard remotes, bring them too, though not required as we’ll have our own radio triggers. We’ll work with beauty dishes, soft boxes, reflectors and more, all provided by us!

If you can meet the requirements and you have the passion to create some beautiful, unique images, this is the workshop for you. We accept payments securely through PayPal and have other options if you prefer. This is a first-come, first-serve event as class size is limited. Model releases are optional. This is the early-bird price, prices will go up soon, so don’t delay, book now before it’s too late! Please use the PayPal button below. We’ve used PayPal securely for 17-years. You must be over 18-years of age to attend.

Model releases for the event are mandatory at $60 per model at the end of the day. All the model release money goes directly to the model for their time. These releases are provided and allow you to use the images for commercial use and the only restriction is prohibited use for adult related material—nudes are artistic and glamour nude only at this workshop when it comes to nudity.

You are required to arrive no later than 9:30 a.m. local time on the workshop day. We end at 5:00 p.m.

Cancellation rules apply as this is a first-come, first-serve event limited in size. Don’t get left behind, don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity. We can’t allow too many people on the property, it’s very limited in size, so don’t delay, act now an save before prices go up!

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