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Virgin Islands, Semi-Private Special Instruction Event

Date: Nov. 7-12th, 2013
Location: U.S. Virgin Islands (Fly into St. Thomas), private, secluded location
Price: Photo Workshop Price $3999 (Save $1000 right now! No other discounts! Price will go up soon, this is early-bird pricing!)
Limited to Four Photographers Only! Six Models Total!

We’ve secured a special, brand-new, never used before location in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This location offers a swimming pool designed for photography along with beauty beaches and a tropical setting. Photo possibilities are vast.

Behind the scenes Virgin Islands photographer, model, workshop footage.

While some will call this a photography workshop, because we’ve limited the photographers to no more than four, plus six gorgeous models, we’re calling this a semi-private instruction, special event. Rolando will be there by your side, providing not only the correct camera settings, but the correct lighting, posing instruction, technical support, etc. This will be more of an all day shooting event for three continuous days, three rotations per day. Photographers are broken into teams of two, models the same. Each team gets three models per day to work with. After the third day of shooting, on our fourth shooting day, we provide an optional, first-come-first-serve, private shooting day by the hour for additional compensation to the model and make-up artist.

You arrive at St. Thomas, airport code STT, on Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2013 and depart on Tuesday Nov. 12th. You will shoot practically non-stop from Friday through Sunday, and we’ll allow Monday as the “private shoot time” day, so you may work with the models you prefer at the time of day you prefer. Monday is not mandatory and is negotiated between you and the model(s) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most meals are provided, but we’ll also allow you to eat nearby. Most drinks are provided, but we encourage you to stop by the airport liquor store and purchase a few bottles to chip in for the “model/photographer” bar we enjoy on this tropical paradise on our evening off time.

This special event is open to photographers of all levels, beginners to advanced, though you must be over 18-years of age. First-come, first serve! Limited to four photographers maximum. Once it sells out, it’s sold-out! Lighting equipment is provided, just bring your cameras. This is a very unique and special event catered to those that want to take amazing photos of beautiful models in a tropical environment, while still finding time to relax as a group, enjoying features such as a swimming pool and the great outdoors.

Here are the particulars:

1. You must pay for your own travel. Please arrive in St. Thomas no later than 5 p.m. On departure, plan on leaving no earlier than 9:00 a.m., though we recommend mid-afternoon or later departures as on the last evening/night, we have a cocktail social hour.

2. Bring your camera, preferably a DSLR. It must have a hotshoe (where you flash slides on top) or as a minimum, a pc connection for our studio flash–we provide all lighting equipment, though you may bring your own. We’ll be mixing natural daylight with tungsten and flash too.

3. You must have the passion to photograph six beautiful models in a tropical paradise. The type of photography is glamour, beauty and nude photography. You will have almost an entire day to photograph them in all their beauty, from glamour to glamour nude. We’ll even toss in a little “editorial nude” in there too.

4. While it’s intense, we’ll have fun in this educational experience. Be prepared to bring your shorts, hats, t-shirts, and enjoy the relaxing environment.

5. Camera requirements are any type of camera, preferably 35mm DSLR or SLR, medium or large format is optional. Lens focal range, from 24mm to 300mm, though a typical 70-200mm lens is all you need. I prefer my prime 85mm, but anything in the 50-200mm range is best. A back-up drive to download your images and/or laptop computer is recommended. If you have a Sony (Minolta) camera, please ensure you have a hot shoe adapter or PC connection.

6. Professionalism is required with a fun attitude, we’re there to capture beautiful images of beautiful models. If you have Pocket Wizard remotes, bring them too, though not required as we’ll have our own radio triggers. We’ll work with beauty dishes, softboxes, California Sunbounce reflectors and more, all provided by us!

If you can meet the requirements and you have the passion to create some beautiful, unique images, this is for you. We accept payments securely through PayPal and have other options if you prefer. This is a first-come, first-serve event as class size is limited. Model releases are optional. This is the early-bird price, prices will go up soon, so don’t delay, book now before it’s too late! Please use the PayPal button below. We’ve used PayPal securely for almost 14 years.

Model releases for the event is $100 per model at the end of the third shooting day–this covers all three days and is only done once. The total is $600 and all monies go to the model directly, we provide the releases. Private shooting time is negotiable between you and the model on the fourth shooting day, though it’s normally $100 per hour and $20 to the make-up artist. These are mandatory releases as this is a very small group of photographers and models are paid by you only. The releases are provided and allow you to use the images for commercial use and the only restriction is prohibited use for adult related material—nudes are artistic and glamour nude only at this workshop when it comes to nudity. You must be 18-years of age or older to attend.

This is a very small event, so it’s a non-refundable policy once booked. We can’t afford to give up shooting spots due to all the costs involved, once booked, you’re booked, though we’ll allow you to sell your spot, and will do our best to help you with no guarantee, should the need arise.


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